The Du-Rites: Zodiac b/w Monster

The long awaited new forty five from the fabulous band known as The Du-Rites has landed and it’s a a doozy. Putting down some of the most out there funk we have seen from them, they drop a track that runs through the entire zodiac (think of those Adderley and Blowfly tracks on acid) and its twelve signs, entitled, well, “Zodiac”. It’s got that usual Du-Rites back beat, it’s funky and you can bug out to it. RIYL left field funk tracks and shout outs over drums. Also included on this seven inch is the track “Monster”, which gives you the vocal and instrumental of the side. Heavy on the drums as we have expected from this duo, complete with jangly guitars and an organ that adds that early ’70’s flair to it, it features Broughamin’ Fred aka Mr. Corinthian Leather on the vocals. Fred being Fred, he turns it out over said jangly guitars, drums, and organ. Don’t ever slam his door either. Reminding us of a track that might be on a David Holmes mix tape, the instrumental is our fave track on the forty five. We do like Fred, he’s a bad mother-, shut your mouth!, but we’re just crazy for the funk instrumentals. The organ is carnival like, there may or may not be a whistle in it, the tambourine is great, and it slow burns its way right into your ears. Mark our word. It’s great to see The Du-Rites break the mold for a sec and have fun with it, and still stay in their lane with some funky lemonade at the end of the day. It’s all gravy and it’s still all funky. Dope label design too for all your Mainstream Records lovers out there too. A bonus we always appreciate. Listen to all three tracks below:

Pre-order the record here, available April 22nd.

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