Feeling This Friday: Bierwax Brooklyn

It’s Friday, and you know, sometimes we just don’t show enough love to the things we are feeling. For the last year plus, we have been doing a DJ night over at Bierwax in Brooklyn. Modeled after a Japanese jazz and whiskey bar, Chris Maestro and company have taken the world of craft beer and combined it with his love of vinyl records DJing, brewing, and the culture that goes along with all of them. The result? A dope spot in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn that has hosted a ton of great DJs, and has now launched a weekly radio series Bierwax Radio as well. You get the best of all of your worlds combined. He also has rotating artists come in and display their art, which is always hip hop and or vinyl record related. Creating an atmosphere that is conducive to all of these elements is key in New York City. With so many choices, it’s really great to see Bierwax creating their own lane. They’re providing not just an atmosphere for people to come in and enjoy the craft beer experience, but enjoy different soundtracks and vibes just about every day with different DJs and selectors. With the warm weather here, their patio is open, (they’ve got rid of those pesky neighbors who don’t like the music), and it looks to be a tremendous Summer vibe about to kick off. So if you are into good music, trying different craft beer, and getting out to one of the most unique spots in New York City, Bierwax is a place for you to check out. We will be spinning there at our monthly called Straight Up! w/ DJ Prestige tomorrow June 1st (Every First Saturday) from 9pm until Midnight. Check out the flyer below:

Straight Up! w/ DJ Prestige
Every First Saturday
June 1st
556 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn, NYC

More info on Bierwax here.

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