The Bombillas – Reowana b/w Ya Maje

It’s been a minute (2017 actually) since we got something from The Bombillas, and just in time for summer, they’ve returned. This time the quartet of David Celia (Keys), Michael Duffy (Drums), Josh Wiener (Bass), and Tyler Nuffer (Lap Steel & Guitar) delve into some serious North African and Ethiopian music on this two sided belter on F-Spot Records. “Reowana” is a track based on an Ethiopian Half Tizita scale (a pentatonic minor scale). It’s got a mid tempo speed, led by a spooky Farfisa from David Celia and some tremendous back beat from Michael Duffy. For us, this is exactly what we’d expect if someone were putting out an Ethiopian jazz style record. It feels good, and reminds us of the tracks that any of the greats would put out. A beautiful nod to the past but looking to the future for sure (all along while keeping that past sound alive). The flip, “Ya Maje” is all about the lap steel sound, steeped deep in Northern Africa (Mali to be exact), this thing swings folks. Something to move your head to or get up and shake a tail feather the way you want to. Both sides of this record differ from their first forty five we got previously, which was more on the latin side. However, we love to see bands explore other musical regions, and The Bombillas have no problem in doing that, and doing it well we might add. This record was recorded at The F-Spot to half inch tape to get just the right sound (for those who want to know the recording process.) More heat from the F-Spot camp in 2019. We dig.

Listen to both tracks below:

Pre-order the record from F-Spot, available 7/19/19.

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