Nigeria Nice ‘Zine/ Mixtape

Staring the week off with a really dope project here from Morgan “Moman” Nixon and Nigeria Nice. An avid champion and collector of Nigerian disco records, he’s put together a ‘zine highlighting a grip of uncovered obscurities from the time period. With cultural and economical booms and busts in Nigeria during the 1980’s, the session players of Nigeria held their playing and musicianship to the highest level. They were able to model records from United States labels like SOLAR, for example, but managed to keep the records uniquely African at the same time. This gave these records a special sound, and Moman has been gathering these vinyl obscurities until he had the right amount for this mix. It’s 70 minutes of rare, out of print, and damn funky Nigerian disco for you to get down to.

The intention of this not-for-profit project is to share music that is too good to be lost, and serve as a reminder that music is infinite and will outlive us all.

Along with this seventy minute mixtape of heat, included is a twenty page art ‘zine with hand painted art work by the accomplished Travis Weller. Unless you are deep into Africa, African disco, or have solid connections to the Motherland during this time, you most likely will not know any of these artists. You know what? That’s a good thing. It’s always good to learn something every day, and this ‘zine and mix are a history lesson right before your eyes. The mix session was recorded at Long Road Studios in Oakland, CA and the actual mix itself was recorded straight to a Tanberg high-end cassette deck by Kit Center. It was mastered by Jahgumby at Father Psalms Studio in Palolo, Hawai’i. Dubbed onto the top of the top Chrome Type 2 cassettes, this project is something that is a must for all lovers of African disco and those who enjoy the beautiful history of this vinyl which is being re-discovered and dug up every day by Moman.

Get the project via The Long Road Society here.

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