CRAC – All For You

With the multitude of music out there past and present, there are records that are bound to fall through the cracks, get passed over, and even stay in obscurity from small runs, labels not promoting them, non-commercial appeal and the like. We have all seen it. Years later, the project gets discovered, a run of records is found, and BOOM! new life is breathed into a project that was really just left to die on the vine some where. Somewhere being a dusty basement, regional record store, or whereever it may have wound up. The important thing is it gets found. This is the case for this record we bring you today from CRAC. Reissued in all its glory from King Underground, this Lp has fetched a pretty penny in its original form. Formed in ’74 by in 1974 by bassist/vocalist Rick Cua, drummer Tommy Rozzano, keyboardist Larry Arlotta, and lead singer/percussionist Ricky Chisholm, the CRAC stands for the first letter of each last name. These forward thinking fellas combined, jazz filled soul, AOR, uptempo funk, R & B, plus a little bit of Yacht Rock to give us their sound. East Coast with a Southern California vibe, the band played four nights a week doing covers in Syracuse, NY of all places (at Big Daddy’s). Their popularity grew and so did their notoriety, as the band was fueled by the song “Of The Lites”, a radio hit that propelled them forward. As they got more popular their region grew from New York state up to the New England. They would be paired up with notables Maynard Ferguson, Melba Moore, Sea Level, Duke Jupiter, and The Outlaws, among others on stage. Their sound and power grew. Forty five years since their formation, the full length All For You is officially reissued by King Underground. The first three hundred pressings of the run will come with an unreleased bonus track. This is one you do not want to miss!

Listen to four tracks streaming below:

Pre-order the record out on November 8th.

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