Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause (Rhythm Scholar Maximum Rage Remix)

Today, the one and only Rhythm Scholar, producer, and remixologist is back once again with the goods. For this round, he takes us back with an excellent rework of the mighty Public Enemy. Staying true to the PE rock ethic, where they have always aligned themselves with some hard rock bands and samples, the Scholar pairs Strong Island’s best with the mighty Rage Against The Machine, who are no strangers to the rap game themselves. Zack De La Roca has been know to rock the mic in a super hard way. So it’s our extreme pleasure to drop the “Rebel Without A Pause (Rhythm Scholar Maximum Rage Remix)” on your ears for the first time. Along with the original PE track and Rage, he’s paid tribute to this classic with the following: The J.B.’s, Jefferson Starship, Lyn Collins, James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Mountain, Billy Joel, Manzel, Herbie Hancock, Survivor, David Garrett, Jesse Jackson, Uhh Yeah Dude, Scitz0 P. and Contra on the NES. With additional guitar and guitar solo from Sami Turunen, this one is most definitely a keeper. And if you weren’t aware, ’90’s culture is coming back super hard like a Tyson bolo (quoted from Chuck D himself), so this one goes great with Tommy Jeans jackets, Carharts, Tims, and Phillies Blunt tee shirts. If you really want to get super down, pull out your Fresh Jive shirt and mosh with your people in the pit. We’ll be playing this one loud as can be. Stream the remix below:

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