Funky Bijou – Come On & Get Down b/w Snap Back Remix

Out today, the new Funky Bijou (DJ Marrrtin & Deheb) forty-five “Come On & Get Down” is one that will be rocking dancefloors and the disco tech from the get-go. It’s got that early 1980’s disco rap vibe, heavy on the synths and drums with just enough bounce to the ounce to get regular folks as well as the B-Boys and B-Girls up, into it, and involved. Funky Bijou has been rocking dancefloors and parties worldwide with an array of deep and funky tracks (hence the name) for more than a minute. Always representing B-Boy culture to the fullest, France stand up on this track! This is one for raccoon caps, Cazels, freshly creased Lees and Pumas with fat laces. It’s so damn synthy that we’ve had to play this thing on repeat for about a half-hour straight now. Head nodding is a must, but to truly get the full effect of this seven-inch heat rock you gotta get loose up on the dance floor. The flip is “Snap Back” a remix of an original Baker Brothers track for a Record Kicks remix contest that Funky Bijou did and won. Another great illustration of how great this duo can be. We’re predicting that this record itself will be a big hit with DJs in the club, bar, and B-Boy circuit moving forward. It’s got that it factor, a bop to it that can not be denied. Listen to the record below, and order it from Stereophonk Records after the stream. Great work all around by this dynamic duo.

Order the record here.

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