Choi feat. Guilty Simpson – Hip Hop Saved My Life

This one is pretty special today. The record label has really been putting out some great music over the years, and it’s great to see them go in a direction with a hip hop G on this 45. Choi Records, who have brought us The Traffic and their great covers of everything from Rick James to Daft Punk, has a treat for us with this collabo with Detroit’s Guilty Simpson and “Hip Hop Saved My Life”. The sentiments echo with a lot of us, from Run DMC to Nipsey Hustle. that this music has saved us each in our own special way. With two different mixes on this record (two vocal. 2 instrumental), this banger is sure to get heads nodding and asses moving in clubs all around. The A has a dope old school flavor to it with some kick-ass horn samples, scratches, and Hammond organ. Let’s not forget some Moog syths to kick it over the top in an ’80s kind of way. Guilty is on point with his flow as usual, and Choi handles everything from drums to synths and beyond, It’s got a great throwback sound and we’re pretty excited to see Choi break out in this direction with a talent like Guilty. We’ve always been a fan of each of their work separately but forming together like Voltron is raising their bar even higher. It also features a remix of the track on the B, which takes it to a boom bapish 90 BPMs. It’s like one of those snapping, neck breaker type of tracks, that will fit nicely in between some ’90s golden age and anything else hovering in the low 90 BPM range that knocks. The spacey synths add a far-out vibe that make sit bounce for sure. Check out all the tracks streamed below and pre-order as it’s available February 17th via Choi Records.

Pre-order the record here.

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