Nina & Její Kapela – Ach, Bože Zvedni Telefon (My God Has A Telephone Cover)

Here’s to midweek, and here’s to another straight-up banger from Memory Records in Prague, Czezeslovakia. You may remember them from the ultimate cover of Otis Redding (in Czech) a while back. If you don’t, please check it out here. This Czech clique has a special, soft spot for soul music, and you know what? They are really good with it. This latest release that features Nina & Její Kapela doing a cover of The Flying Stars of Brooklyn’s “My God Has A Telephone” is not only a nod to the original gospel burner, but a serious nod to a label like Colemine Records, who are doing their part to put out long-lasting music that will stand the test of time. Nina & Její Kapela carry the torch that past Czech soul legends of Czechoslovak soul and R & B like Marie Rottrová, Pavel Novák, and Jaromír Löffler were carrying. They did their part to keep soul alive in their respective times. That’s what this duo is doing in the present day. The version itself is as beautiful as the original, with the harmonies grabbing you right by the heartstrings and Nina’s voice coming in soulfully throughout. This is just a reminder that music is powerful, and a modern-day soul gospel track is like a shot heard round the world, influencing singers and players alike. So much, they record a foreign version of it, bad ass, Speaking of badass, the flip is a Hammond cover of the song, which is a whole different flavor. So you get a two for one with this record. Don’t sleep, there are only 300 copies pressed worldwide. They will not last long. Check out both tracks from the record below and order after the videos. Soul music and Memory Records for the win once again.

Info on purchasing the record here.

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