Solat – Change The World

Today’s goodness comes from the Netherlands in 1977. A Dutch-based group that played funk with Surinamese and Dutch-Antillian musicians got together when ex-members of the bands Reality / Tony And Reality (Eddy Veldman, Franky Douglas, Ivor Mitchell and Glenn Gaddum plus singer Billy Jones) and put out some solid efforts on Poker Records. Their releases have gone on to fetch a pretty penny in the market due to the fact they were only released in The Netherlands. Mr. Bongo is reissuing this double-sided heat rock for the masses on their imprint. The music itself is a funk, disco crossover, so it appeals to a variety of DJs, Whether you are straight funk, modern soul, or straight-up disco, both of these tracks will make you happy because they get people to move their bodies. “Change The World” is on deck first, and its positive message: “Get up, move on, gotta keep on rolling on” / “Change the world, but not yourself” are both enough to keep you moving on today. The message still resonates some 40+ years later. The flip, “Try Try” is their best Mizell Brothers sounding production. It holds up really well, with again, a positive message as well as the danceability factor. Both tracks are top-notch, and if you have been a fan of the Mr. Bongo record label, you know that their whole purpose is to dig extremely deep to bring back a variety of black crack bangers from all over the world to your turntable. They’ve been doing it for a minute, and with the Mr. Bongo USA site, it’s even easier to grab these releases if you’re in the States. Check out both sides of the record and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record from Mr. Bongo here.

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