Feeling This Friday: Tall Black Guy vs. 14KT

15 years and still going strong, First Word Records has released this heater with two producers we have been riding hard for since their beginning: Tall Black Guy and 14 KT. They have both been slowly building really strong discographies and collabing with some of music’s finest. If you are not in the know, or are new to the game with these two, we suggest you take it from here and go backward. Welcome to a rabbit hole of terrific music people. This special collabo takes two of the best producers in this here United States of America and lets them both revisit their previous releases of First Word Records and flip each one lovely. 14KT takes the TBG and Moonchild ” I Will Never Know” track from 2017’s Let’s Take A Trip and takes it to places that not just travel from continent to continent, but into the stratosphere as well. Pushing this one to a Latin/ Brazilian heat-seeking missle is an understatement. It’s a late-night grinder for the dance floor, and we can not stop playing it. The flip is more heat for your ears as Tall Black Guy takes on Muhsinah’s “The Power of Same”, the single from 14KT’s 2019 jawn For My Sanity. With spot-on drums and guitars from the man they call Stro Elliot, not to mention some keyboard action from The Roots James Poyser, this one hits hard too. It’s a little spacey, a lickle bit of the boom to the bap, but most of all it’s cot damn good. This one makes an appearance on limited edition seven inch, so if this is your bag baby, put it in your bag for sure. Listen to both tracks below and buy after the stream.

Get it here.

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