Alex Attias Presents LillyGood Party 2

As if you didn’t need a better reason to roll out of bed, grab your coffee and put on music, BBE returns once again with another musical chapter in your life. Swiss DJ Alex Attias gets on the good foot once again with the second batch of his LillyGood Party mix. Part one went over so well, BBE has gotten another, and it’s an uptempo party that you should not miss. Not familiar with Attias? We’ll catch you up. He’s a globe-trotting DJ, collector, producers, and founder of the recently revived Visions imprint. He’s put together a mix of some of his current favorites, records that are classics and never leave the record box, and some you may or may not know. Featuring everyone from Pharoah Sanders to Louie Vega’s Elements of Life to Peven Everett and more, this is one we could keep listening to over and over. Running the gamut from deep electronica to disco and jazz, it’s a great cross-section of tunes to get you moving. With some of the tracks edited for you dancing pleasure, they may seem to be that way at first, however, there is no way a crowd can sit down. This mix and selection are impeccable, infectious, and straight-up ready for a party. We haven’t been this excited for a mix like this since he dropped the first volume, but really since we heard The K + D Sessions (double Lp, not the single mix) way back when. For sure something that will put you in a good mood no matter what you’re doing and where you are. Check out the mix below and pre-order after the stream. More BBE solid gold for your ears.

Pre-order the record here, available March 20th via BBE.

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