Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Kulun Mankwaleshi

We’re sliding into Tuesday with the second effort from Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience To Know Without Knowing on Agogo Records. The father of Ethio-Jazz partners with Black Jesus Experience for another deep set of tracks on this record. Calling this twelve-piece Australian outfit “Family”, and his “favorite backing band” are no small potatoes. After a meeting in Addis Ababa in 2009, they’ve been mentored by the Ethio-great, taking that to a friendship and partnership that has grown stronger over time. This time included playing together in the UK/ Europe, Africa, and Australia, and teacher and students continue to share what is truly one of the world’s greatest music. The uniqueness of combining the funk groove and the pentatonic scales of Ethiopian music is a gift Astatke has shared with the world. As the Black Jesus Experience combines the knowledge they get from the maestro and the passion for this special music they possess on this record, one can hear just how much music is life for both of these unique talents. What you’re hearing today is “Kulun Mankwaleshi”. It’s an arrangement of an Ethiopian wedding song in the anchi-hoye scale (of Ethiopia). Beautiful and hypnotic, the song is joined by friends and family only to be led out by the powerful saxophone solo from Peter Harper. This one, steeped deep in tradition, is moving to say the least. We hope you find it to be as special as we have, and continue to explore this music deeper after hearing a track and its storied history such as this. Listen to the track below, and pre-order the record from Agogo after the stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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