El Gato Negro – T’aimes pas ça EP

Today we have two tracks on the Pure Vida Sounds label. They both are edited by the super talented GUTS (part man/ part machine/ part best producer you’ve never heard of but should have) and bring a lot to the table after a long day in the jungle groove, ya dig? “T’aimes pas ça” starts out with some flute that grows into a full-on banger of epic proportions. Combining some afro beat/pop, latin, tropical, and even some cumbia sounds, the El Gato Negro track starts by grabbing you through your ears and doesn’t let go until the percussion has you moving on the dancefloor proper. But this trip is not over, because side two, aka “Toca y Toca” goes from a marching band horn stab to an all-out tropical dance party in a mere 10 seconds. With Spanish and French vocals this track is one for prime time dancing. GUTS has the knack to really take a basic track and elevate it to some sort of skyscraper of musical heights. He’s been doing it for a while and quite frankly, doing it well. Although we are in the midst of winter, this heat-seeking missile of a twelve-inch record is a sign that we can keep warm with the music (and plenty of dancing). This is the stuff we at Flea Market Funk encourage you, the reader/ listener to dig deeper for. This is quality music, way beyond a lot of the slop you’ll hear on the radio. You just have to open your ears a bit wider, keep yourself open, and let the music take your mind. Check out both sides of the record below n pre-order the vinyl after the stream.

Get the record here, out February 28th on Pure Vida Sounds.

Dig Deeper!

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