Soul Tripper EP

Here’s massive reissue that it’s a tidal wave of jazzy grooves and then some. It’s London DJ Paul Murphy’s second go-around (after the much-applauded release from Hugo Heredia) on his Jazz Room Records with this obscure Japanese banger from 1971 by Kaoru Liyoshi and The Wip and Alberto Baldan Bembo. The Soul Tripper EP is indeed a super funky/ trippy/ groovy two sider that we’re definitely excited for on Flea Market Funk. The A, Kaoru Liyoshi and The Wip’s “Soul Tripper” is a slow burner that is heavy on the organ, wah-wah guitar, and some dope jazz horn for the masses. Definitely dusty finger, deep, deep cuts territory for sure. The flip is Alberto Baldan Bembo and “Abat Jour”, a delightful, uptempo piece of an Italian soundtrack that will get the dance floor buzzing around like the good hive they are. This is some funky bossa nova with piano and drums marrying together like they’ve known each other for almost fifty years. It’s a great track, and like we said about the A-side, it’s more deep digger material. If you’re a fan of funky jazz, bossa nova, or Latin tinged records, these two are for you right down to the very last compound. These two sides make their way for the first time on forty-five, so hats off to Mr. Murphy and the Jazz Room team for doing a bang-up job of getting these truly obscure records to everyone’s ears. Listen to both sides of the EP and then order after the stream. More heat for your box for sure from Paul Murphy and Jazz Room Records. Tokyo to London and back, this EP is a winner. We can’t wait for the next release already.

Order the record here, available February 28th from Jazz Room.

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