Flea Market Funk x Stylescast Podcast

I recently sat down with my old friend and radio DJ Wes Styles to talk about being a DJ, creating your own lane, and the recent documentary The Hustle Is Real by filmmaker Thomas Draudt among other things. Wes is an on-air personality for Rock 97.7 in Bloomington, Indiana and is a long time FM radio disc jock who appreciates all kinds of music and is known nationwide. We originally met about two decades ago (give or take a few years) in Youngstown, OH when Wes was an on air DJ and then program director. We’ve kept in touch and followed each other’s careers up until today. When he asked me to be a part of this Stylescast I was honored. Wes is a salt of the earth guy, is open to all kinds of music, and even though he’s slinging modern rock, he has great knowledge and appreciation for the DJ and vinyl record game. We talked about the past, the present, and the future. It was a lot of fun to chop it up about my career, what it takes to be a working-class DJ, leaving a legacy, and vinyl records in general. The hustle is definitely real people. Enjoy.

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