Flea Market Funk x Rabble and Lion: The Analog Blend

It’s no secret that we dig vinyl records and coffee here at Flea Market Funk. So why not combine both? We’ve partnered up with a specialty coffee roaster from Jersey City, Rabble & Lion, to come up with something we think is pretty sweet. It’s called The Analog Blend. The Analog Blend is a new, monthly coffee and 45 rpm vinyl subscription service.  With this service,  you get great, third wave, freshly roasted coffee from R & L and a forty-five curated by Flea Market Funk delivered to your mailbox every month. It’s kicking off in April, so you have this whole month to decide if you want to do it, but come on, let’s get real, you want to do it. You love coffee and you love vinyl. This is a good way to combine both. To get an idea of what kind of music will be offered, check out The Analog Blend playlist from Rabble & Lion on Spotify.  It’s got music from Galt MacDermot to Mumford & Sons to Liam Bailey to Monophonics to Young Gun Silver Fox to Jungle Fire and more!  31 songs for 31 days in March, ya dig?After listening to the playlist,  go to the link after the jump to subscribe to the vinyl + coffee goodness.

Subscribe here.

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