Jeannette N’Diaye’ – Makom Ma Bobe

Kalita Records dig deep on this one as they offer up the first-ever official re-release of the 1981 disco heat rock from Cameroonian singer Jeannette N’Diaye. This special slice of dance floor madness had originally appeared on the Mut’a Mbamba which was put out by Jojo Ngalle on his Disques Jojo label. This particular record is one of the most highly sought after afro-disco records, with prices of the original skyrocketing to epic numbers. So it’s nice to see Kalita come correct with a remastered and loud copy of this banger. Along with the original, there is an exclusive extended edit of the track by Netherlands producer Mendel. So you’re getting two heat rocks on one 12″ really. If you like your afro-disco hard, sweaty, and full of lasers, then this one is for you. Drop the needle once and you’ll get what Kalita Records are putting down. Can you imagine being in a disco in Cameroon in the early ’80s and this coming over the sound system? A mass movement and noise erupt as they go off to their hometown hero. It’s great to see a lot of these African records getting a proper reissue so music champions can enjoy them as well. Disco’s influence reached all over the world, so if you’re not familiar with tracks like these, feel free to dig a bit deeper and learn more about its reaches across the globe. Check out the track below and get more info on the record from Kalita after the stream. Hot, hot fire in the disco on this one.

More info on the record here.

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