Jason Joshua – Language of Love

There is a new soul explosion going on the past couple of years and it’s absolutely fantastic. Labels like Big Crown, Mango Hill, and veterans like Daptone are still churning out quality soul music that really grabs a hold of you and pulls you into the artist’s world. One vocalist we have championed here is Mr. Jason Joshua. His Latin soul forty-fives have reached from the Low Rider set to everyday Joes that can’t get enough of his silky, soulful crooning. With the Beholders or as a solo artist, his voice has made a big impact on the industry in just a short time. Whether it’s his captivating live performances, or on wax with records like “Rosegold” and “I Don’t Care”, Joshua has now released another anthem (featuring The Penrose Scholars) in “Language of Love”. This time it’s on the new Penrose imprint, which will feature groups like Thee Sacred Souls, Los Yesterdays, Thee Sinseers, The Altons, Johua, and more. Founded by Daptone’s Bosco Mann and coming out of Riverside, CA, it’s a label showcasing the best of the SoCal souldies scene. So Jayjo went from Miami to Riverside and smashed this seven inch! Get down to a tough to beat latin soul groove and couple that with Joshua’s wailing, you’ve got a modern-day Barretto and Bataan here people. It’s that good. Jason Joshua is on a roll, and we highly recommend that you get on this train because it’s not stopping until the dance is over! This is the beginning of another soul revolution, so if you look somewhere else, you’re going to miss the party. Listen to the track below and pre-order after the stream.

Get the record, which releases April 10th, here.

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