Record Safari Documentary x Coachella

A few years ago, we wrote about a movie by director Vincent Vittorio we were asked to take part in called Record Safari. Record Safari follows Alex Rodriguez all over the United States digging for records as he stocks up for his annual record store at the Coachella Music Festival. Along the way they talk to record collectors about the black crack, and while on the East Coast they came to my studio and talked to me. It was a great experience, and fast forward to 2020 and the movie is ready to go. It will be premiered at Coachella this year and also be streamed on their YouTube channel. They’ve also teamed up with Record Store Day and are dropping a limited-edition soundtrack to the film on vinyl and DVD as part of RSD 2020. That’s a bonus!

Here’s more about the film:

“Since its discovery over 100 years ago, the vinyl record has revolutionized the way people hear and feel recorded music. In the 1980s, video killed the radio star and CDs killed the record industry. Now—with CD and digital sales on the decline—vinyl records is in the midst of an epic comeback.

Follow record collector, Alex Rodriguez across America as he discovers and curates records for Coachella Music Festival’s on-site record store. Dig into the world of record collecting, as Alex spends weeks on the road, buying records and swapping stories with fellow collectors, musicians, and producers.

Featuring: Pete Rock, Lenny Kaye, DJ Monalisa Murray, Oliver Wang, Valerie Calano, “Slug” and “Ant” from Atmosphere, Sheila Burgel, Steven Blush, Rebecca Birmingham, Jamison Harvey aka DJ Prestige, and Kevin Patrick.

The film explores the many reasons why people become vinyl enthusiasts and hopes to show viewers why the format has been and remains a powerful medium for music. Is it just a hobby or something deeper? What explains vinyl records steady popularity in the age of streaming? Tag along for the journey as Alex answers these questions and searches high and low for these sought after pieces of plastic.”

Here’s another longer trailer.

Dig Deeper!

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