Friends And Lovers Radio

Original Photo By Rick Wenner

Every DJ/ bartender/ barback/ server/ bar manager and then some has been hit hard during this global pandemic. Many of us who do this for a living have just had the rug pulled out from under us financially. The owners/ organizers of Brooklyn’s Friends and Lovers came up with a plan to help the DJs that do parties there get through this tough time. It’s called Friends and Lovers Radio. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“The FnL team is proud to present Friends and Lovers Radio. By subscribing to our Patreon Page, you will get exclusive mixes from our amazing roster of DJs including the selectors from Future Old School, Brooklyn Took It, Shake!, No Chill, Oriza, Maven, and more as well as special mixes from some of our favorite guests. Your contribution will be split equally among all of our contributing DJs to help them get through the bar & nightlife industry shutdown as NYC comes together to make it through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For over six years, Friends and Lovers has been one of Brooklyn’s premier venues at which to dance and listen to some of the best DJs from NYC and beyond. Our versatile line-up of parties ranges from all-vinyl funk nights to brand-new future beats and everything in between. What really makes FnL special, however, is our incredible customers, which we truly feel are the best in NYC.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, nightlife in NYC has ground to a halt. While our society struggles to figure out how to deal with COVID-19, those that make a living in nightlife will struggle to pay their bills, feed themselves and their families, and keep roofs over their heads. While there is some support for small businesses and their employees (bartenders, servers, and management), DJs are independent contractors and therefore have no access to unemployment, paid leave, or any of the protections that traditional employees may have.

Furthermore, we believe in the value of music, especially in times like these. We recommend Friends and Lovers Radio as a soundtrack to quarantine dance parties, social distancing shakedowns, and coming together with your community in a time where the best thing we can do is stay apart. We hope this Patreon subscription helps you, and we know it will help us.

With all the love,
The Friends & Lovers DJs.”

I contributed a funky mix for Episode One called Vibrations, which you can hear at the link below.

Go here to subscribe as well as check out the mix.

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