Mitzi Ross – I’ll Do More For You Baby

We’re all in this together and since we are, how about some rediscovered heat from our pals over at Brewerytown Beats in Philadelphia, PA? Mitzi Ross had two records, one on the Philly label C.R.S. (Carl Holmes, Andy Aaron & The Mean Machine), as well as the Phil Mast and Johnny Johnson, owned Cougar Records out of Camden, N.J. This label made records in the ’60s and ’70s that were mostly in the Frankie Sinatra style, however there were two records they produced; one by Ann Byers “Where Have You Gone” b/w “Talk Of The Town” and this record from the same session “I’ll Do More For You Baby” by Mitzi Ross that was different. This difference was the funky soul sound at the time. Recently, a mono mixdown tape version of the side was discovered by Brewerytown Beats buried deep in the Sigma Archives at Drexel University. Brewerytown Beats remastered it from the original tapes and will be available soon. We wanted to share this amazing piece of rare Philadelphia soul history and an absolutely amazing single from 1970, recorded and mixed at Sigma Studios.

First off, let’s talk about the drums. This record KNOCKS. I’d say that if the RZA had his hands on this thing it would have been sampled by early Wu-Tang with no problem. They’re that heavy. But hold up, so are the horns, and the strings really add such a depth to this record, it’s sick. Mitzi’s voice is haunting, and by the time the break comes in and the guitar solo comes in, the call and response of “Cause I really love you” takes us out, the music frenzy fades away and we are left there standing. The first time I heard this record (sent to me by Double Peas), I was blown the eff away. This is going to be one for your boxes, and one that will be on top ten lists for sure. We can not wait for this heat rock to come out. Listen to the original on Cougar and a snippet from Brewerytown Beats on Spotify after the stream.

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