Flea Market Funk Mixes And Live Streams: Virtual Tip Jar

With the spread of this global pandemic, we as DJs are in a bit of a bind here. All of our foreseeable gigs have been canceled, clubs, bars, and restaurants where we worked have been shuttered with no news or inkling to when they will be able to be opening. What are we to do? Most of the places we worked at are trying to keep their head above water as it is on their own, so they can’t really help us. One of my monthly gigs in Brooklyn at Friends and Lovers has put together a Patreon campaign that will try and help DJs (via a monthly subscription and mixes made by monthly party DJs at FnL). This is definitely appreciated, but in the end, will only be a drop in the bucket. I can not collect unemployment at all, and as an independent contractor, I’m on my own. I’ve been offered some odds and sods until DJing comes back (which I will take), but the return to DJing and a steady stream of income is an unknown. So what I have proposed, is that like others, I will be doing a series of live streams from the lab, as well as exclusive mixes while we are all quarantined and waiting to see what will happen moving forward. I’m asking you, the readers of Flea Market Funk, that if you have dug any of the content I’ve put up on the site in the last 13 years, the Big Ups Interviews, listened to the 100 or so mixes I’ve made and gave out for free, bought records because I was writing about them when nobody else was, please consider throwing a few bucks or whatever you can to the virtual tip jar as often as you like.

You can do that at any of these places:

VENMO: @Jamison-Harvey-1
CASH APP: $JamisonHarvey
Pay Pal: djprestige45@gmail.com

It would be much appreciated. We will still continue to bring you the best content, interviews, mixes, and live streams we can during this most difficult time. Everyone out there, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all of you, the support you’ve given the site over the years, and hopefully, together we can all ride this out and be rocking together very soon. Until then, I’ll be doing that via social distancing and online, so please consider a virtual tip if you can. Peace!

-DJ Prestige/ Flea Market Funk 3/23/2020

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