The Allergies: Felony b/w Rile ‘Em Up

The chaps known as The Allergies are back once again, and even in a global pandemic they are rocking tracks like no other. This double A sider is just what the doctor ordered for those of you that are feeling down or not sure what to listen to with this 24-hour news coverage. Here’s a tip: Listen to The Allergies, it’ll brighten up your day. The A-Side is a super-duper track called “Felony”. With more cowbell than you can shake a drum stick at, this soulful throwback is a feel good dance floor thumper from the very first drop. If this single is any kind of indication on what The Allergies are going to do in the year 2020, hold on, it’s going to be a fantastic ride. “Felony” is catchy and like any track these cats put out, it noocks harder than most. Drums for days, horns, and just the right amount of samples to keep you interested. The double-A (ok side B) is once again a collaboration with fast rap whiz Andy Cooper. Cooper has found a second home and career doing these collabs, as you could even say he’s the third member of the group as they do so many projects together. They’ve also enlisted soulful siren Marietta Smith for some drop-dead gorgeous vocals, the saxophone master Mr. Woodnote on sexy sax and a full band to a Latin tinged party track. I mean, The Allergies have a knack for starting a party, if you didn’t know that by now, put this track on (or the other side) and watch people get riled up on the perfectly titled track “Rile ‘Em Up”. More dance floor heat for your ears and feet with this banger from the best duos out there. Check out both tracks below and buy the record after the stream.

Get the record here, it’s out on March 27th.

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