Record Safari Is Out

Glad to announce that you can watch a recent vinyl record documentary that I was featured in called Record Safari. The film, by director Vincent Vittorio, follows Alex Rodriguez around the country looking for that black gold while he stocks up for the Coachella Festival Record Store. Along the way, he speaks to people like Pete Rock, Lenny Kaye, Oliver Wang, Mona Lisa Murray, Chris Reisman, Steven Blush, Sheila Burgel, Clifford Weaver, Rebecca Birmingham, and myself. Hitting up prominent record shops all over the country, you get to see Alex in his element, and also get to interact with people who are super passionate about vinyl records and everything that goes along with it. We record people are a unique bunch (as if you didn’t know that by now, so get ready for some vinyl record nerdery at its finest.)

It’s getting released online and on DVD due to the recent cancellation of the Coachella Festival until October and well, the current state of the world. So, if you want to feel like you’re out in the California desert and watching the film there, feel free. But if not, social distance as much as you want, grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage and dig into this interesting documentary. A huge shout out to director Victor Vittorio as well as Alex Rodriguez for stopping by the studio and talking to me about my life’s passion and work, what records mean to me, and I’m honored to be included in this movie for sure. Go to the movie’s website below and enjoy it.

Watch the documentary here.

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