PYJÆN – Sage Secrets

Throwing out some good vibes today to the world, we’ve got another offering (their first since 2019) by London-based jazz-fusion band PYJÆN on deck with some grooves that are sorely needed in today’s world. This quintent put together a bouillabaisse of sounds together to not only brighten up your day but get your blood pumping and those good vibes flowing all around. Comprised of Dani Diodato (guitar), Dylan Jones (trumpet), Ben Vize (saxophone). Charlie Hutchinson (drums), and Benjamin Crane (bass), the five combine to toss out afrobeat, disco, hip hop, and even some early and modern-day jazz influences to round out their sound. “Sage Secrets” sees a collabo with Blue Lab Beats for a creative journey through aural flavors. It’s the funkier of the two offerings that you get right now, combining tight brass and free-flowing keys over a solid beat that is a head-nodder. For those who have been readers of the site, think a Pat Van Dyke groove right from the get-go. It finishes up strong and tough, too. The bonus listen you get is a second track, “PJFC”. An early 70’s groover with horns for days, it’s a walk through the park on a sunny weekend day and it’s high fives all around for the duration of the track. The track has got a likable CTI quality to it, and for all we care, it can just keep going on until the sun goes down. Both of these tracks are top billin’, so if you like your jazz on the funkier side, PYJÆN are for you. This EP will release on May 29th, so get a sneak listen here, and order pre-order it after the stream.

Pre-order the album here.

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