Max Tannone -Trading WAV Sound System

Rounding off the end of your week we have a new project from an incredible talent who’s brought us projects such as Ghostfunk, Double Check Your Head, Mos Dub, Dub Kweli, Jaydiohead, and Champagne Jerry, among others. This time, he’s back with Trading WAV Sound System, a fourteen track reggae soundclash that will keep the reggae heads as well as music lovers satisfied from the WAV drop. Running through sonic soundscapes that range from the NYC streets to famous sound clashes to top reggae sounds that were blasting out of boomboxes in the Big Apple in the ’80s and more, it’s a modern clash with an old person kind of mind if we can bend Courtney Melody’s lyrics a bit. Trading WAV Sound System is a nice lickle trip through reggae music, freestyles, and authentic JA riddims, put together by Max in a genuine style. He’s chosen quite the roster to go with his finely crated beats. We’re talking artists like Sanchez, Leroy Gibbons, King Jammy, Wanye Smith, Jack Ruby, Brigadier Jerry, Papa San, Admiral Bailey, and more. It also features appearances by Champagne Jerry and some production by Ad-Rock (“Up On The Roof”). This project is smooth from start to finish. Grab the chalice (you’ve got nothing else to do, we’re locked down), put on your headphones, and ease into your weekend with another top billin’ project by the man they call Max Tannone. Feel free to dance wherever you are because this is something that will make you move. And if you don’t, press rewind and do it again.

Check out the project below streaming via bandcamp, and please donate what you can, as its proceeds go to FoodBankNYC.

Get the project here.

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