FMF x Bierwax AT HOME Series

As the world continues to fall apart around us and most of the population is kept indoors, plus the fact that most of the bars and clubs are shuttered, there has been a surge in broadcasting live from your studio or bedroom as a DJ. Bierwax has joined the ranks of these bars and clubs worldwide who are programming DJs and broadcasting live on Instagram. Since the Friday and Saturday nights have been like a roulette wheel with so many known and unknown DJs broadcasting live, I have decided to do a Sunday afternoon session. So if you’re around (and let’s face it, I know you are), why not consider joining me for an intimate broadcast of good vibes and good records? I’ll be doing my party I do at the venue in Brooklyn right here Live In The Greenville Studios in Jersey City. It’ll be a totally improvised set and broadcast on my Instagram page at 1pm Eastern Standard Time. Here are the details:

Bierwax presents AT HOME:

DJ Prestige (Live from Greenville Studios)
Sunday April 5th 2020
Instagram: @fleamarketfunk

Donations welcome:

Venmo: Jamison-Harvey-1
Cash App: $JamisonHarvey

Please consider donating if you’re watching, as my brothers and sisters and I in the DJ/ music game have lost all of our gigs for the foreseeable future. Any little bit helps. We’ll get through this all together so if you feel like hearing some tunes, check it out. Much appreciated!

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