Los Yesterdays – Tell Me I’m Dreaming b/w Time

More heaters coming straight from the new Daptone imprint Penrose. Not just strictly for the oldies/ low rider set. this souldie holds it down on its own with no problem across the board. Hatched in a garage in Altadena, CA, Gabriel Rownland and Victor Benavides got together, played every instrument, wrote soul tunes, and created Los Yesterdays. With the meeting and eventual recruiting of Tom Brenneck and Gabe Roth on guitar and bass (and the prospect of playing live gigs), they then put down these two tracks which are fantastic. “Tell Me I’m Dreaming” is definitely more on the pop side of soul, one where you can see a sunny Californian video for full of Pendletons, Cortez, and beautiful cholas movie rhythmically to this heavy souled slow roller. Great harmonies all around, and perhaps maybe even a soundtrack to the label itself. The flip though, “Time” is our joint. It’s dark, raw, and filled with some heavy psychedelic soul elements that we’ve fallen in love with for sure. Maybe it’s what is going on in the world today, but we think it fits perfectly for a soundtrack to our global situation and our daily life. Eerie vocals and that guitar work that is superb. It reminds us of a mid-’60’s, small-town record that was discovered 50 years later and grabbed the psych/ garage world by storm. It’s that powerful. It’s 2020 and going to grab THIS world by storm, so who knows what another 50 years will hold for Penrose and their artists. All we know is that you need to scoop this up. B-Side wins again. Listen to both tracks below and purchase the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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