Vursatyl & Neon Brown – Maintain b/w The Light Goes Out

With so much music passing through the information superhighway every day, not to mention the quarantine that has got musicians and deejays locked down until further notice, we’re getting some really great tracks coming through the mail boxes on a daily basis. Actually, a little more than usual, which can be good, or bad. In this case, it’s good, and always great to hear something from Denver, Colorado’s Neon Brown, especially when it’s a collaboration like this. So when we got this record in, we wanted to highlight it right away. While both sides are two very different vibes, they both hit hard in their own way. The A-Side, “Maintain” features Vursatyl (Lifesavas) and deejay Red C. What we get on this track is an infinite head-nodding trip that will keep the listener walking with a bop and moving from the very first needle drop. A catchy sample and hard-hitting drums plus some dope spitting are all you need on this track. Simple and effective, this one is a definite winner. Now, the flip side is a much different vibe than the A. “The Light Goes Out” features one of our fave San Francisco artists Trailer Limon, who waxes poetic over a slower, bluesy synth track. Great work, and this slowed-down beat complete this jam. Play this late-night, just before last call, it’s a vibe. The message is serious, too, but a vibe no less. Two dope feelings on one record. Only 200 were pressed, so grab it while you can. There is also a bonus instant download of the forthcoming record L’appel de Vide with this purchase as well. Check the video for “Maintain” below. Listen to the stream of both tracks, and pre-order after the stream. Winner x 2.

Video for “Maintain”

Pre-order the record here.

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