King Most – Jazzy As Fugg

“One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain.” Told to us by the honorable Robert Nesta Marley, he couldn’t have been more right. This new and definitely hot record put out by DJ DJ Oonops and Agogo Records/ Oonops 100 is most definitely a side that will lift your spirits and get your mind in a good mood. Pulling over San Francisco musician/ producer/ Deejay King Most to his side of the world, the two get down lovely with the appropriately titled track “Jazzy As Fugg”. Sitting here listening to this track (which came out on April 3rd and has sold out on bandcamp already physically), I am currently staring a thick, dense fog surrounding New York City. It’s a dreary day for sure. As I cue up this track, I can feel the fog lift and my always clear view of the NYC skyline opens up right before my eyes. The on-point drums, horn stabs, as well as the superb synth and keyboard work just lifts everything and takes me away to another place: windows down driving in my whip in Brooklyn. Moving past Biggie murals and slow rolling down Vanderbilt to get some eats at my favorite Middle Eastern joint, then over to Bierwax for a pint of the good stuff from Chris. You see, this is a track that can transport you to where you want to go, change your attitude for the day, and make you feel good. Oonops is good at that with his radio shows/ mixes, as he lassos some of the best in the biz to collabo with him as well as putting out a great series of forty-fives for the people. Check out the record below and order after the stream, it’s selling out fast.

Get the record here.

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