Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band – Body Jam

Our man in London Shawn Lee is back with his 44th album, The 37 Minute Workout. This time he’s taking his Shawn Lee’s Incredible Leg Warmer Band and pushing that pathetic, quarantined body to the limit with an album you can use every day to work out to. Don’t be like the throngs of people that haven’t worked out since 2009 and suddenly are running all over the place in this social distancing atmosphere. Take what Lee is giving you. He and the Incredible Leg Warmer Band have the perfect fix: this Lp. With eleven smash tracks such as “Stretch It Out”, “Hi Intensity”, “Leotards of Love”, “Headbands of Gold”, and the single you can watch the video for below “Body Jam”, it’s a winner in the gym.

This is the album nobody thought they wanted but now NEED!!!!- Shawn Lee

Shawn has a knack for being able to do many different genres of music and is always right on point on whatever he’s putting out. This record is a great illustration of that. So if you are fighting the battle of the bulge and the bulge is winning, your get up and go has got up and left, your six-pack has turned into a twelve-pack, take thirty seven minutes and have Shawn Lee and his Incredible Leg Warmer band whip your fat ass into a rock-solid statue, because “you’re out of shape Al.” No really, you are. Get back into the groove with some ’80’s jams that were recorded inside a fitness studio full of the original equipment from the heyday of aerobics. This guy will go to any length to get the original sounds.

Check the video for “Body Jam” here:

Listen to the record here:

Purchase this jammy here.

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