Feeling This Friday: Kiss The Sky – Be Still

We’re ending your week off strong with a collaboration between three far out and talented musicians who form together like Voltron to make Kiss The Sky. Multi-instrumentalist/ composer/ producer Pat Van Dyke, rapper John Robinson and vocalist Melinda Camille have a new track off their six-song EP that surely will resonate in these trying times. With all the tumult in the world and people’s lives, their newest single “Be Still” is something that may hit home for a lot of people. Although most of you reading out there can only stay in this position, there are many who struggle with what’s next. How is the money going to come in? Who will pay the bills? Who’s going to take care of the unknown? The answer to these questions and more from these veterans musicians is on this track if you just be still. All around, this is playing on repeat here in the Greenville Studios. That’s why we are feeling this on a Friday. PVD and company never disappoint with what they’re dropping to the masses, and this one is special for sure! Check out the EP and track “Be Still” below, it’s the last track on the record:

Get the project here.

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