David Walters – Kryé Mwen

While we all could use some good vibes these days, Heavenly Sweetness reminds us that that good summertime feeling is right around the corner, even if we have to be inside and not enjoy it at a club, bar, outside deck, or rooftop. The 2020 release from David Walters “Kryé Mwen” off of the Soleil Kréyol album is back with four new remixes to get your blood pumping and your body moving wherever you are. While the original was a banger in itself, containing loads of percussion, handclaps, and enough good vibes to run a country, this creole soul banger hits you right where it counts. The Aroop Roy mix takes this trip to a late-night in Ibiza or Bali on the beach, ramping it up, pushing it a little harder and faster until the dancefloor collapses in a pile of sweat. The Patchworks mix is the funkier of the bunch, with hard drums and a slick synth/ bass line that definitely smooths it out. The vocal stab of “Oh” is a nice touch throughout, and the subdued vocals really make the listener appreciate the many ways this track can behave and get the crowd moving. The horn solo really is a sound to behold, breaking it down just right. We are definitely excited about this remix version. Rounding off the entire record is the David Walters Remix. This is the peak night dance floor track out of the bunch. Super high energy and hard on the percussion, it’s definitely a stepper for sure. We’re torn between Walters’ own remix and the Patchworks mix, as both are very different in bpm and sound, but have a similar factor of making your head and body move quite nicely. This one is out May 8th on Heavenly Sweetness.

Check out the original below:

More info here.

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