Utheo Choerer – Første Gir b/w Stiv Kuling

Lyskestrekk Records are back once again with another record from their catalog that collectors will be clamoring over years ahead. Like previous releases such as The Flammer Dance Band and Leoparden, this small Norwegian label has churned out some top-notch productions so far. The latest is a far-out and heavy groove with the label debut from the mysterious Utheo Choerer. With two sides of very different sounds, this is a definite need for your turntable and ears. Side A, “Første Gir” is a jazz-funk groove featuring B.Havnes bass, hearty drums, Far East organ, and that head nodding feeling some of you might prefer. It’s lo-fi for sure, but efficient enough to get the job done. The flip, “Stiv Kuling” is described by the label as a “mystique mountain vibe”. We’d like to think of it as the soundtrack to today’s times. This is a record of searching. It’s looking out into the world and searching for something, anything. This is what the soundtrack to that would sound like. It’s a definite, low key and slow burner of a groove that will have you dropping the needle again and again on it. Both tracks are atmospheric and along the lines of psychedelic, cinematic, soundtrack releases and movie score sounds. Another under the radar winner coming from this Oslo, Norway little powerhouse. With sleeve art by Arash Zarifian, this is definitely an interesting label and release visually as well as sonically. Listen to both tracks below and order the record after the stream.

Get the record here.

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