The Allergies feat. The Cuban Brothers – Let Them Know

Your favorite party rockers The Allergies start the Summer off in the best way possible as they jump in with a collaboration with The Cuban Brothers and gives us the first 2020 Summer banger in “Let Them Know”. Not familiar with The Cuban Brothers? Well get familiar because these hermanos can start a party in No time and it’s obvious on this single as these are the vibes that have been pent up for a minute (or almost five months) that the people want to let out. It’s hot, sweaty, and you can see this side being played on the beaches, convertibles, and boom boxes from Bristol to Biarritz. It’s got all those feelings with a boogaloo meets carnival vibe, Los Herman’s Cubanos delivering some super slick vocals as The Allergies work the big drum beats behind. Ripe with horn stabs and Latin tinged percussion, “Let Them Know” is what they call a certified banger. From start to finish it’s got enough dynamite to blow the roof off this mother sucker! It’s great to see The Allergies in collaborations like this. They are diverse in production, and quite honestly, they’ve made the right choice to give the people some of this spicy flavor right in these troubled times to get you moving. Immediately making you feel good, this track is a dancer and ripe for sweating your ass off. Mark our words. The flip, “Lightning In A Bottle” features frequent collaborator and fast rapper Andy Cooper rocking the beat and making you jump up and down from he first beat drop. Bonus. Listen to the track below and grab the seven inch after the stream.

Get the record here.

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