Poldoore – Kodachrome

In today’s musical therapy we’ve got the Belgian artist Poldoore, who brings us his latest track on the U.S. based record label Chill Beats. The track, “Kodachrome” is a lush filled side with atmospheric and mellow treats all around. This one is for all of the beat heads out there who like their beats on the chill side, head nodders that are jazzy and uplifting from start to finish.

This mellow, washed out beat embraces my belief that beauty is often hidden in imperfections.

For us, it’s a perfect way to start the day. Get your coffee beans ready. Grind them by hand. Make a fresh French press of Ethiopian and fill your to go cup. Put your head phones on, light up, and be on your way. It’s a big, weird world out there, but somehow with Poldoore’s music, the weirdness goes away for the time. “Kodachrome” is a dreamy and beautiful track that really shows the listener how to relax and take that time for you. If there ever was a tune that should represent the Calm app, this is it for sure. Find that calm in Poldoore’s music, because he is the master of making tracks like this, ultimately enhancing nor just the listener’s day, but in the long run their life. Music heals, and this track is definitely a healer. Listen to the track streaming below, and purchase it digitally after the stream. This for sure would sound great on a forty-five, so, let’s hope we see that in the near future.

Get the track “Kodachrome” here.

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