The Lions – The Loser

Cooling off this heat wave we’re having here on the East Coast, veterans of the reggae scene from the West Coast, The Lions strut on by the Names You Can Trust label and give a track that brings some of that cool breeze from the islands right to your turntable on this new adaptation of the Derrick Harriot rocksteady classic “The Loser”. The LA crew really do this track justice and this one is really special cover of this not so easy song to pull off. The band and the label throw out a hat tip to the Disco Mix DJ versions that Harriot was known for and as this ultimate slice of Jamaican soul easily identifiable by the beginning piano. The label got the blessing from the Harriot family and Duane Harriot, so with that blessing, NYC Trust pulled the trigger and here we have this brilliant record today.

A brilliant take on one of the best rock steady songs of all time! Not an easy one to cover well and the Lions smash it out the park. – Duane Harriot

We’re glad they did. DJ Black Shakespeare’s vocals and the-sweet soul harmonies of The Lions are as authentic as you can get on this one. Close your eyes, are you in Jamaica? Because you are transported there with this version of “The Loser”. Big tune then, big tune now. Coming in with the vocal, instrumental and version of the track, this is another track that is at the top of our list not only this Summer but for the year as well. This track frees you, and we know that we all need to be free of struggle, strife, and troubles some time. The Lions do that on this rocksteady monster. Have a listen to all three tracks below and purchase after the stream. The Lions and NYC Trust crush this one.

Get the record here.

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