The Allergies – Get Yourself Some b/w I’m On It

You know when The Allergies drop something new that it’s going to be a good day. The party rockers out of Bristol, UK are back at it once again with a two-sided piece of hot wax that is guaranteed to light up turntables and dancefloors, and that’s for sure. The A, “Get Yourself Some” is a bluesy soul stomper ripe with deep, fatback drums and blues elements popping in and out. The blues harp and Hammond Organ bring us back to the Deep South and those crispy soul sessions in the backwoods where the band would sizzle like bacon on a griddle. They went for theirs in the music and the lyrics, a fitting anthem for these trying times. The flip, “I’m On It” is a collabo between two of the top UK spitters Dr. Syntax and Skunkadelic. This one is quite honestly, our track of the moment. A bassline that will rumble the sound system stack and some saxophone licks to groove to. But those bongos and more tough drums give the perfect soundscape for the two emcees to crush it over. This one is a keeper kids, and if you want to see them in action, a live social distance session, check out the video below. The lads prove once again why they are some of the best party rockers in the world. We’re not talking Steve Aoki push a pie in your face on an inflated dinghy, but the kind of authentic outfit that can rock an arena or a backyard/ block jam with the same fervor. Don’t sleep on these dudes, we’ve been saying it all along. The record drops October 2nd.

“I’m On It” (Live w/ Dr. Syntax and Skunkadelic)

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