Sulu and Excelsior – How Can I Lose My Mind

The Slow Jam King Sulu is back once again with a new video for the track “How Can I Lose My Mind” and it’s definitely on point. Sulu and Excelsior are led by the mastermind Steve E. Mallorca aka Sulu and on this track features Joel Bernardo aka “Bernard O’Reilly” on the upright bass. “How Can I Lose My Mind” from their latest record The AntiMatter Suite, is an updated doo-wop/ soul track for the present day that has Sulu crooning over some catchy piano riffs and deep basslines. Sulu, who played all the instruments on the record and can switch from soulful croons to catchy raps on the drop if a dime, keeps it tender on this track from the start. Sulu and Excelsior filmed the video for the track at Stereodisk, the Kenilworth, NJ based record manufacturer, and features a cameo by their founder and head engineer Leandro Gonzalez. The video is a behind the scenes look at the plant manufacturing Sulu and Excelsior’s “Up To You – Misery Luv” 45. For those of you interested in how records are made, here’s your chance to check it to a soundtrack by Sulu himself. Side note, Steredisk is a legendary vinyl pressing spot in NJ and with this video, you get a sneak peek inside the process. The video was directed and edited by Sulu (who has been making dope visuals for more than two decades), and we think that the track and the video are just top-notch. Check it out below:

Sulu and Excelsior – How Can I Lose My Mind

Buy the full length here,

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