End of Year Mix Coming Up

It’s that time of the year when we look back at the year that’s gone by and also check back through the pages of Flea Market Funk and pick out our favorite records we’ve reviewed on the site in 2020. We’ve tried to grab the best of the best, and while we are far from the final word on music, we’d like to think that we have steered many a music lover in the right direction when it comes to below the radar music, videos, vinyl records and the like. Our mix output has been limited to about once a month via the Friends and Lovers Radio page (big up to them!), which host an entire radio station of the DJs who had exclusive DJ nights at their Crown Heights and their monthly mixes, Brooklyn venue, we’ve put together a mix for year’s end that is a little different. It’s a mix of some of the stuff we have been delving deep into during the pandemic. While we have always been heavy on funk, soul, jazz, reggae, hip hop, and other funky delicacies, we have a sweet spot for opening our minds and listening to many other genres. This end of year mix is a handpicked selection of psychedelic folk, gospel, psych/ prog rock, and foreign tracks from a bunch of records we have spun on the hi-fi during the pandemic. It’s a deep dive into a world that we have been feeling for quite some time, and since 2020 is a wash anyway, we wanted to put in another all vinyl, all live mix together. Something we feel, and something that might open one’s mind to something else. The new mix is called Fallow and will be dropping on the site for free by the last day of the year. It’s been a hell of a ride this year, and we’re ready to jump into what’s next for ’21. Thanks for staying on it with us! Stay safe, and most of all stay tuned for this special mix dropping shortly.

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