Fallow: A Mix

Making mixes for me is a personal thing. It’s a process that I truly enjoy. I come up with a concept and do the artwork before the mix is even recorded. The name of the mix usually is solidified before the first needle drop and I build the journey around that. I had this kind of mix in my head for quite a while and had a group of records that I wanted to use. It was mostly just groups or Lps, maybe a standout song or two, but it’s all a loose concept until I put them in a pile and BPM to see what will flow together. I do it all live and in one take because quite honestly, you do not get a second chance when you’re DJing live. Fallow features a heavy dose of psychedelic and prog rock, acid folk, gospel, and fuzzy tracks from the UK, Czechoslovakia, the former Soviet Union, France, Brazil, and some East Coast heat from the United States. These tracks have given me some solace and inspiration during these trying times of 2020 due to the pandemic and otherwise. Here’s the track list:

Bo Hansson – Lothrorien
Pink Floyd – Childhood’s End
Valerie Lagrange – Si Ma Chanson Pouvait
Arif Mardin – Sympathy For The Devil
Harumi – What A Day For Me
Beast – Floating (Down By The River)
Tin Tin – Astral Taxi
The Rolling Stones – In Another Land
C & K Vocal – Generace
Jim Sullivan – Plain As Your Eyes Can See
The Devil’s Anvil – Karkadon
Danny and Lynda – Sing It Out
Morgen – Welcome To The Void
Tarmo & Toomas Urb feat. Vanemode – Valgud peeglis
Tim Maia – Ela Partiu

I’m hoping that this mix speaks to you as much as these records have spoken to me. They’ve helped me along the way from place to place when I needed it. Here’s to more mixes in 2021 and as always, thanks for the support here at Flea Market Funk.

More info on my mixcloud page.

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