Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra – La People

When we first started Flea Market Funk, we searched high and low for records that were raw. Records that we would spend hours, days, weeks, months, and years looking for. We still are doing it to this day. Every day is a discovery. Every day is something new. Every day you’re a student of this record game. You never stop learning. You never stop searching. Today’s record is a stop in your tracks, put down everything, and just listen for three minutes and twenty-three seconds. You’ve heard this man’s work before. Whether it be grimy and filthy blues, or funk on record labels such as Tramp out of Germany or Rocafort out of Switzerland, or even West Coast styles as Lucky Brown, Joel Ricci is a force to be reckoned with. A busy man with lots of projects that keep the world spinning in a funky way, his records turn heads and get people moving. They also get collectors and DJs jazzed up because they are that good. His latest project on Wax Thematique, their seventh release in their seventh year (and their first 45!) is Ricci’s Lucky Mystery Orchestra Band and two sides of heat-seeking missle music. Going right to your head, “La People” contains a who’s who of the Seattle music scene and a collective that only can be described as unfuckable with. The track is a deep funk cut with heavy drums and percussion, Latin tinged horns, and an underground feel that will make this record an instant classic in funk and soul circles. This, in 2021, is what we have been searching for all of our digging days. This sound is not just way out but a groove that will move for decades. Ricci and company put the low down funk sound together like it was ’71 and really hit the nail on the head. Another winner for Joel Ricci and a victory for the funk and soul scene for sure. Stream the record below and pre-order this gem after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, available on January 21st.

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