Polyrhythmics: Fondue Party

File this one that may have slipped a bit under the radar as last year came to an end, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight the latest project from Seattle, Washington’s Polyrhythmics. Fondue Party is a concept record that takes the listener on a journey. This journey, like many other journeys, takes you on is quite different than their norm. Their discography often went parallel to their live shows, as the band touched on a diverse set of tracks that kept the crowds moving in all ways from start to finish. This release keeps you moving but is a little different though.

We wanted to make an EP that has a vibe to it as a whole. As COVID rages on and the weather turns colder, we will once again be retreating back into our homes. We wanted to offer a record that people can reach for when they want to light a candle and have a chill night at home, take a puff and do the dishes or have a Fondue Party with some close friends.

Grant Schroff

With its very own vibe, Fondue Party is a dubbed out, relaxing, chill record that is easily becoming our go-to record when we want to relax. The 12″ explores their love of heavy dub music and downtempo riddims that in our opinion, are really perfect for feeling good. Everyone needs to decompress. Everyone needs to relax. Fondue Party gives you exactly that. The single “Zion” leads in with Jason Gray’s bass and moves to the outer regions of your mind, and whether you’re trying to get some unity and peace in there or just go far, far away, this track (along with the dope synth and backbeat) can facilitate that. “Cracked Pepper”, a Spaghetti Western-ish x Ethio-jazz type of feel sits nicely alongside the title track “Fondue Party”, a super chilled out organ lo-fi jam, while “Cosimo”, the most upbeat of the bunch hits on some dubby cumbia vibes (and closest to what you may be used to from this band). The track (and all are really good) that sticks out to us is “Fondeux”, which takes you right back to the Black Ark days. Heavy, heavy dub stylee on the final track that takes you out on the highest of highest, praises due to the almighty. This one sounds amazing at 45 RPM, but if you really want to chop and screw it, put it on 33 1/3 and feel it more. Available in 180g, citron (or shall we call it swiss colored?) vinyl. Listen to the record below and order it after the stream.

Get the record here, available from Color Red.

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