Jimi Tenor: Mysteria (Electric Remix) b/w “Vocalize My Love”

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jimi Tenor, but most likely you have not. We’ve featured Jimi’s musical prowess on Flea Market Funk before, and as he comes off of the applauded Aulos full-length release from November 2020, the Finnish musician returns on Philopon Records’ new sub-label Variphon. The new sub-label itself is designed to release remixes from the Philopon catalog. Their very first effort is Jimi Tenor mixing himself.

He’s chosen two songs from two different releases. From Order of Nothingness, he grabbed “Mysteria” to rework, but the preview track we’re given is the flip side, “Vocalize My Love”. Featuring vocalists Florence Adooni and Lizzy Amaliyenga, he elevated the track on the electric side, upping the ante on an already dope track and taking it to higher consciousness. With some heavy synths and a more uptempo beat, “Vocalize My Love” becomes an electric afro-beat banger, electro charging the dancefloor and making people sweat. Tenor can make incredible music, and with this remix, apparently, he knows a thing or two about remixing records. This is a great start to the new Variphon label and we’re looking forward to seeing what other tracks (and artists) will be remixing the eclectic and funky material from the Philopon catalog. Listen to the B-Side (it wins again!) below and pre-order the record, which ships out around April 16th or so. This one will move the dancefloor, so grab it before it’s gone.

Preorder the record, out April 16th here.

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