Feeling This Friday: The Dorothy Ashby Shirt

In this world of hype beasts, where everyone is chomping at the bit to get the latest in greatest, it’s hard to tell the individualists out there. As we get older here at Flea Market Funk, we’ve been able to appreciate the word classic. Classic gear is timeless and will stand the test of time. So if you rocked Levis when you were a teen (maybe the different variations come back around), but a piece of the wardrobe like that can still be rocked today. Such is the case with a good tee shirt. A classic tee can stay with you for decades. That’s where 88 Strong Tees come in. They’re creating classic t-shirts and hoodies that will indeed stand the test of time and the attention to detail is second to none. We wanted to highlight one of the dopest they’re doing at the moment, the Dorothy Ashby Afro-Harping tee.

Released in 1968 on the Cadet label, this is on every digger’s list as a must-have, and is always on top want lists year after year. This classic soul jazz and funky nugget with the harp as the main instrument (not the first, but most definitely one of the best), produced by the great Richard Evans has a grip of great sides. “Soul Vibrations”, which you can listen to below is timeless. See the correlation here? The music is timeless, the tees are timeless, and 88 Strong doesn’t just pick any label or artist to immortalize on fabric. These are pertinent to the DJ, the vinyl record enthusiast and record collector, as well as appreciators of the culture. So if you’re into the music and record culture, and are into being different than 99.9% of the population, hit up 88 Strong and check out what they have to offer. We’ve for sure never seen an Afro-Harping tee, but we also can tell you we’ve never seen a Masai Records Co. tee either (Those who know, know!) ! 88 Strong has both and more. Click the link after the Dorothy Ashby video to check out their selection. For now, get into the “Soul Vibrations”:

Get classic apparel for music lovers here from 88 Strong.

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