Confucius MC: Somewhere

Another chapter in the Confucius MC book has been written, and with a new long player entitled Somewhere set to drop on September 3rd, we get a taste of this talented emcee’s recent flavors today with a few bits and bobs from the record.

I wanted to create a listening experience that would put people in a reflective space, similar to the one I was in when I was writing it. Like taking a stroll through your local park, but the Twilight Zone/Twin Peaks version: a few strange and unexpected interactions along the way and a couple of philosophical nuggets to take back home with you

He’s joined once again by Keor Meteor on the beats, who takes us through a journey of jazzy soundscapes, hard hitting drums and samples that stitch together each story and illustrate the backdrop of what Confucius MC is trying to say. On “World Stage” feat. Jehst, the lo-fi hard hitter is a perfect mood setter that Lisa Stansfield would nod her head to. Moving on to “Lanterns” that highlights Sonnyjim, Verbs, and once again Jehst gives us a wonky back beat that grows on you and will have you drinking Bordeaux in Bordeaux in no time. A triple threat that works this dark beat until there is nothing left. “War and Peace” is an additional head nodder that keeps all things minimal for maximum effectiveness: beats + sample + emcee = fire. Finishing out the sampler of the record is “Cicada 3031”, a future glimpse into the underground with Strange U and Lee Scott. Rough and rugged, this one bangs like a war drum letting out the beats that whoever is challenging this crew needs to get ready. All in all, if this is just a taste of the full length and we are all in good shape because it knocks. Stream the tracks below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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