Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band: Space

Coming through once again like hurricanes in hurricane season, Big Crown Records and the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band prove once again why they are both the tops in what they are doing. This forty five of “Space” is what we are feeling this Friday.

Always quick on the draw, always ahead of the curve in any cover they choose, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band chose a killer song to put their spin on this time. Grabbing Galt MacDermot’s “Space” from the 1969 Woman Is Sweeter record, they instantly recognized the prowess and funk capacity of MacDermot. While you might remember the song as sampled in Busta Rhymes “Woo Ha!”, what we do know is that MacDermot himself was putting out funky stuff before the Godfather of Soul got up and got into it. Realizing the impact that a track like this had on the culture, BRSB take this one to another level with this cover. While we felt the original already, this version just smokes. This one should be high on your list (as well as the full length). Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band work hard to go above and beyond what most bands would give. Their not just a gimmick. Playing and covering tunes on the steel drum are hard as hell, and they do it with ease. Check out “Space” below from their bandcamp page and then got to the Big Crown site and grab some vinyl. We recommend going the distance and grabbing the Lp, but we’re completists. Listen and find out for yourself how good this cover is…

Get the record here.

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