Jodie: Pushover b/w Treat Me Better

Original Gravity Records have a knack for putting out a variety of bangers in a few different genres. Whether it be heavy funk, reggae, or today’s feature, soul, they do it well. Introducing Jodie, with two sides of heat for your turntable and the tracks “Pushover” and “Treat Me Better”.

Pushover (You really got the wrong impression of me)
Pushover (Come on baby set your mind free)

The Norfolk born, London, UK based singer who’s influence ranges from everything from R & B, new wave, Motown, and soul has made quite an impression on the scene. Not just because of her age, but because of her sound. Her voice brings back a feeling of good times, a time when labels from Detroit were riding high, the dance floor was packed at the casino, and the music was pure. Easy to pick up and even easier to get down to, Jodie Richardson has got a winner with this record. “Pushover” is a giant nod to sixties girl soul and that sound. You know it. You love it. It makes you want to snap you fingers. It makes you want to move. But it also is steeped in sorrow. You wouldn’t know it though, as Neil Anderson and the Original Gravity crew transform this into a Motown-esque dance floor filler from the very first drop. Jodie whips you up into a frenzy (let’s not forget the O’Gees horns, backing vocals by Denise Stewart-Bates, and Anderson’s prowess as a multi-instrumentalist) and breaks it down like she was an original part of that scene. Proper soul done with raw emotion in the modern day with that classic sound. With only 250 copies pressed, grab it because it’ll be gone before you know it. Play the track below and pre-order after stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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