Lord Funk & Moar: Onda

Oh, you looking for some Brazilian disco boogie house tracks to keep you warm at night? Well, Lord Funk & Moar are back once again putting the boogie in your butt on this two sider that just feels damn good and delivers again and again.

The Parisian label Boogie Butt is killing it right now and with this record set to light up dance floors world wide, we’re happy to get it to your ears. Lord Funk & Moar crush this all the way from the first needle drop on “Onda”. Plenty of hot bass with a capital B coupled with some gorgeous vocal stabs and heat seeking horns, this one is well on its way to be a late night special wherever it’s spun. In fact, let’s watch the sun set as this one grooves along. The flip, “Sabe Como Faz” is a mid tempo jammy that is filled with some killer bass and grooves. The Brazilian feel is definitely eminent throughout and this one can warm it up or take it out right before the lights go on. You want chill? This is the track to wind down to. If this is your first foray into some Brazilian disco house goodness, welcome aboard and stay until the DJ stops playing. Don’t mind the mid ’70’s sax styles, they are hear for you to move to. Whether it’s Rio or Ipanema or Ibiza, this one is making them feel good. Listen to both tracks below and order after the stream.

Get the record here.

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